Montana 1889


Montana joined the union in 1889, therefore, the LLC name was selected to retain as much of the western theme as possible.


Montana 1889 is located on the outskirts Conrad, Montana. The town is located off Interstate 15. Conrad has two exits going North and going south and it’s population is approximately 2,600. The town is 15 miles from what is called “America’s Western Crossroads” and is the Gateway to the Glacier National Park.


With hunting and recreation within 51 miles to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area and 31 miles to the Lewis and Clark National Forest. Where with permit an Elk or Deer, Large predator and some Mountain Goat may be taken. Several local land owners lease their property for Pheasant hunting yearly.   


Montana 1889 LLC is a temporary housing facility for equine owners (hay, water, pasture) and hook ups for recreational vehicles. There is no other temporary housing for equines within a 60 mile area, therefore, reservations are strongly recommended.  The space for recreational vehicles is also limited.


We have the hay for your stay!